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Philosophical Counseling

I am interested in encouraging 'real life oriented' and 'self-ameliorative' philosophical thinking. As I am a former high school teacher, my specialism is in younger adults and high schools, or other institutions for adolescents...anywhere in the world in an English medium. I offer both a) personally focused individual sessions in six or twelve week cycles, and b) half or full day, open-ended-question, group-task-based workshops, either directly to students, or as training to teachers to re-create with them.

The key question I address is...'What's the point?', whether ontologically, as in 'Why should and how can I value my own life and how can I live that life more fulfillingly?', or morally, as in 'What does it mean to be a good person and what good does it do me to be one?' My approach is secular but religious points of view are respected, as long as they are founded on reason and reasonableness as well as faith.  As I am based in Spain, I work one-to-one via Skype, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams or WhatsApp. For workshops, I travel to you.

For individual clients, hourly fees are $30 to $180 depending on financial resources.

For schools and other institutions, a three hour workshop is $900.  

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I look forward to talking to you.

+34 649691942

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